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Over 85% water savings over standard 1.0 gallon per flush urinal!

In our continuing effort to bring you the highest performing, water conserving products, we are happy to announce the inclusion of this new 1/8 of a gallon (1 pint) per flush ultra low consumption urinal into our product line.

It leads the way with ultra low water consumption, latest in sensor technology, and high quality vitreous china.

Click here to download a video of the ASME A112.19.2 Ink Line and Trap Exchange Dye Tests

Features and Benefits

1/8 Gallon of Water Per Flush Every Time
Internal flow regulator guarantees consistent water savings with each flush

Sanitary Washdown and Trap Water Exchange
Optimized distribution plate and water trap pass all ASME A112.19.2-2003 urinal performance tests

High Efficiency Alternative to Waterless Urinal
    No replacement traps to buy or maintain
    Satisfies end user who thinks washdown action is more sanitary
    Saves 7/8 gallon of water per use over regular urinal

Sensor Flush with Smart Technology
Sanitary hands-free operation with the latest in sensor technology

Battery Operated
Optimized electronics for 200,000 cycle battery life

All Metal Chrome-Plated Housing
Heavy-duty commercial grade construction to resist vandalism

Chloramine Resistant Internal Seals
Long lasting, dependable performance in harsh water conditions

Easy to Retrofit
    In many cases, urinal can be retorfitted to existing carrier and outlet rough-ins
    Large wall footprint to cover existing installations
    Flush valve mounts to standard urinal stop valves


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