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Water Conservation is very important to us. But, even more important is the quality of the products that we sell. Just saving water is not good enough. You have to provide a quality, productive, and satisfying experience for the users.

Utility Savers® is proud to offer some of the finest green water flow products available, including this fine line of products manufactured. Maximize your LEED points. See our new 1.5 gallon per minute Kitchen Swivel Spray below. (click here)

Aerated Stream Aerators

1.0 Gallon per minute (gpm) Perlator® aerated stream - Regular size (Part #USMB5)
1.5 Gallon per minute (gpm) Perlator® aerated stream - Regular size (Part #US6B5)
Spray Stream

Super Green 0.5 Gallon per minute (gpm) PCA® Spray stream


Green 1.0 Gallon per minute (gpm) PCA® Spray stream

(prices include shipping)

Laminar flow stream
1.0 Gallon per minute (gpm) Perlator® laminar stream - Jr. size only 13/16" male, 3/4" female (Part #USNC5)


1.5 Gallon per minute (gpm) PCA® Perlator® laminar stream - Regular size (Part #US5B5


Created for healthcare facilities Careguard® is the perfect combination of hygienic features for faucet attachments:

- Built-in AgION®  anti-microbial protection

- Laminar stream (non aerated)

- Screenless (no wire mesh screen)

Click here for more information on Careguard®



NEW NEW NEW! We now have the same great performance in a Utility Savers Kitchen Swivel Spray Aerator at only 1.5 gpm

Most kitchen swivel aerators can switch from aerated to spray stream patterns by pulling down and pushing up on the aerator body. This product design can damage the faucet spout and the base of the faucet as well as the swivel aerator.

This new swivel spray aerator switches from an aerated stream to a spray pattern with a simple twist and eliminates any mechanical stress to the faucet. With a new sleeker and compact design, this new kitchen swivel will give your faucet a contemporary look and is ideal for retrofit applications.

To protect against lime build-up, this new kitchen swivel spray aerator is constructed with flexible, rubber spray tips and uses an anti-liming Honeycomb® aerator.

Now your choice:
Utility Savers Kitchen Swivel Spray Aerator 1.5 gpm
Utility Savers Kitchen Swivel Spray Aerator 2.2 gpm

Stream to Spray with a simple twist!

Female thread plus male thread adapter included.

The aerators are available with a variety of housings including:

Male thread

Female thread

Dual thread

Vandal Proof Male

Vandal Proof Female

There are many, many more fine products from NEOPERL® available from Utility Savers®. Please give us a call so we may help you identify exactly which product best suits your needs!


NEOPERL's lines of faucet aerators, check valves, flow regulators and other plumbing products are marketed under these trade names:






PCA Care®






Tom Thumb® 






Ultra LOW FLOW High Performance SINK AERATORS

These vacuum boosted Ultra-High Performance sink aerators utilize a NEOPERL® insert in the patented vacuum boost housing. They give the feel and appearance of an aerator that uses 3 - 5 times as much water while only using either 0.375 GPM or 0.5 GPM. They can significantly reduce the consumption of water (by 85% or more). Saving water of course means less sewer charges and since you are using less water, you’ll save on the electricity or gas used to heat what portion of that was actually hot water. (these aerators are only available in the Dual Thread housings)

(prices include shipping)

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Additional quantity discounts may be available. Please call for a quotation.

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