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The same technology that is in the High Performance showerhead has been incorporated into a sink aerator with incredible results too. This sink aerator only uses 0.375, 0.5, or 0.7 GPM and can significantly reduce the consumption of water (by 80% or more). Saving significant amounts of water of course means less sewer charges and since you are using less water, you’ll save on the electricity or gas used to heat what portion of that was actually hot water.

Key Benefits:

Electric and/or gas savings on hot water not used

Beautiful spray pattern

Reduced Scaling or lime buildup

How Does It Work?
The water is passed through the patented vacuum flow "booster" valve where it is aerated and "compacted" under vacuum pressure. Because of the intense force of the vacuum chamber, the aerated water leaves the aerator in a powerful stream but at a very low rate of consumption (we have three flow rates, 0.375 gallons per minute (gpm), 0.50 gpm, or 0.7 gpm.)

1.      Improves Faucet Performance
The force of the vacuum booster valve increases the aerator stream flow impact intensity by 2.5 X over conventional aerator streams.

2.      Saves Water and Energy
By reducing the consumption of hot water, the patented aeration technology significantly lowers sewer, gas and water expenses as well as electrical costs associated with pumping the water.

3.      Solves Low Water Pressure Problems
The powerful release from the vacuum chamber creates a pressure boosting effect that defeats the weak flow stream associated with low water pressure.



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